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Genevieve and Sean

Genevieve and Sean share a passion for reading that made it completely natural that books would be incorporated into their wedding. The flowers were chosen to reflect this great love. The Sahara roses with their khaki color represented the well-loved and worn pages from Genevieve and Sean’s extensive library. Genevieve’s attendants chose either a turquoise or purple dress and so we also used blue hydrangea and lots of purple flowers, including Moonshadow carnations that Sean brought Genevieve when he proposed!

Genevieve contributed hearts made from book pages and she adorned mason jars with pages and twine. She made beautiful framed signs and gathered vintage lace tablecloths from her Grandmother’s collection. In the Studio we made dozens of book page roses and hollowed out books to create “vases.”  We made a beautiful garland of book page roses for the French doors at the end of the Stable. The aisle was lined with lanterns and paper roses leading to the ceremony where Genevieve and Sean were married under the arbor forged by the bride’s father. Every detail was unique and a reflection of the big personalities of this beautiful couple!

The Stable at Bluemont Vineyard

The Purple Fern